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Weighted Average for Multiple columns


Hi there --- I need to calculate a weighted average from numerous columns into an individual result for each column. Here is an example of my data:


AAAA-4200 Weighted Average164.314.314.444.314.31


I originally had this grouped and averaged but when I compared it to the manually calculated data, I realized that Q1 - Q5 is a weighted average. While I realize there is a weighted average tool, it is definitely not doing what I want. I tried a couple of different things in the summarize tool but am not achieving the results that I need. I do realize that I will only have the final row left since I am going for a weighted average of row #1 and row #2.  Normally, in Excel, I would divide the result in each column by # of students and then combine for the weighted average but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do the same in Alteryx.


Any ideas would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hi @KAFord,


Not sure how "automated" you want this, but attached is a less manual solution. You will need to add any new columns to the summarize tool.


Hope this helps,



Thank you, @MSalvage, that matches my manual calculations perfectly! Thank you for the example and response!