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Weighted Average Errors


Trying to run this and it just bugs out with a not so useful message:


Error: Weighted Average (125): The Action "Tool #9" has an error: ParseError: Unterminated entity reference, 'O' at line 1 and column 90
while processing "Action_UpdateRawXml"
Error: Weighted Average (125): Summarize (11): The field "Weight" is not contained in the record {Action=Sum).
Error: Weighted Average (125): Formula (13): Parse Error at char(25): Unknown variable "__Sum_Weight" (Expression #1)


Funnily Weighted Median from CreW metrics is giving me no trouble with the same dataset.


Possible to attach your workflow?


Ok, the issue is the component wont accept a column header called: O&O Ad Views  , Not sure if its the ampersand or what that caused it to break. 


Maybe I can report this as a bug.