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Weekly challenge recording

8 - Asteroid

Having been inspired by the recent London Inspire 2019 (pun intended!) I thought I would record myself actually doing the challenges.  Now my use of Alteryx is a bit rusty so if I do a number of these this will improve my skills.  Hopefully it would also help others understand my thought processes (yes i know that is a bit scary) and help them with their own skills with Alteryx. Let me know what you think of this idea .  Hopefully you also find this entertaining

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @Nicholas_Bignell 


First off excellent idea simply because if you can help others learn easier, faster, and become more "inspired" (pun intended as well 😉 ) then it's obviously a great idea!


Second as a friendly bit of advice. Do it more because it makes you happy and you enjoy it, if you do then I know others will enjoy it for sure.


Third, always find a way to make the next video better than the last! Keep improving!


All the best and always reach out if you need help! 



Joshua Burkhow - Alteryx Ace | Global Alteryx Architect @PwC | Blogger @ AlterTricks