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Web scraping

8 - Asteroid



There's a website - from where I would like to scrape data single row of data from the table on the website. Would like to get the first 26-week row data. I tried using the download tool but not able figure out how to get to the table. 




8 - Asteroid

Thanks a lot for everyone's quick response. What an awesome community we have here. I would have never been able to figure this out on my own. Thanks a lot @cmcclellan for your detailed explanation and the workflow. I will recreate this by following the dataschool and your instructions. 

Regarding updating URL with the time, do I have to do this every time before running the job? This is a weekly job that that I was planning to automate. 

13 - Pulsar

Thanks 🙂 but check the workflow - there's nothing to update, just take the end of the workflow and use.  You can run it every hour because the data will change.