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Web Scraping results in truncated DownloadData

I am new and i am trying to extract the data from this webpage:

The problem here is the webpage requires the user to input a specific search. Even after performing the search for example "samsung", the link of the webpage does not change. Can i directly copy from the search page itself? Because from here i will get truncated values for the downloaddata and the downloadheaders will prompt internal server error. 


To simplify:

1. Can i directly copy an URL from a webpage that contains search?(after searching a character, the link of the webpage remains the same)

2. How to prevent the download data from truncating?

3. How to ensure my downloadheaders are successful?


 Webpage after searching something.

link.PNGlink still unchanged after searching something

 link after search does not change.




URL.PNGURL directly from the website

 Inserted URL 

error full.PNGDownloadData shows truncated character and Download headers server error

 Truncated characters in download data and error in download header




Hi @asyraf__razak 


The issue here is we cannot get the actual web address back as a result of the Search.


Have a look at this article as it might help you to use ParseHub and then bring the data back into Alteryx.  Once you have your data back, the attached sample workflow which scrapes a static website, can  be used to extract the table you want.


Hi @asyraf__razak 


I think this was the article that @RishiK was referring to. 




My bad thanks @danilang - I really just wanted you to post also (shout out to @OliverW)