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Way to set a default file name and table name when using Alteryx Gallery app?


Hi All,


I have an app I published to my company's Gallery that requires about 10 different outputs. Each one will have the same File name but different Table name (saved as an .xlsx). Is there a way to set the default for the Gallery to set these to save as an .XLSX and set a default for both the FIle name and Table names for each of these outputs so a user does not need to go in and type these each time?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @hydrogurl01 


You can do this by adding fields into your dataset that contain a fixed filename and sheet name for each output, and then configuring the Output tool to use these for the filename.


Two easy ways to add fields:

  1. Add a Formula tool and create two new string fields
  2. Add a Text Input tool containing your file and sheet names and Append this to the data before the Output tool