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Waterfall Chart in Charting Tool




Is it possible to create a waterfall chart using the Charting Tool?


I am aware that it is not one of the chart types but was wondering if anyone has found a workaround.



Alteryx Certified Partner

The best way to build this would be to use the R tool to generate the graphic you need. If you only want to use the Charting tool, then you can trick the user by setting the bar color the same as the background (and remove axis lines) so it doesn't appear to be there.


I've attached an example solution using the Charting tool.


Thanks @CharlieS! Your workflow is very helpful - I will play around with it and incorporate it into my workflow.


I have one more question if you don't mind - is there a way to change the numeric data in number format into percentage format on the report? Currently, I am trying to use the Table tool and format the data by column. 


Thank you for your help!


Hi Charlie,


Thanks for awesome advice. But could you also please advise me how can i output the chart into an excel file? I have tried but it turns out some unique code.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @kaysonn 


The Charting tool will output a field type called a "Layout" field. These fields should appear with navy blue text in the Results window. To output a Layout field, you must use the Render tool in the Reporting tool category. Often times there are other Layout fields that can be combined with a Layout tool and then Rendered to Excel. 


Thanks for the advice! It works and i can see the Chart in excel now. But not sure if you could advise me how can i combine the chart into my current output excel file together? I tried and it churned out 'The Picture can't be displayed'


It seems the chart only is viewable when i choose the Output Mode in Temporary Excel 2007 spreadsheet.


Appreciate your advice.


Alteryx Certified Partner

If you have multiple things you'd like to output, you'll need to combine them into a single field before the Render tool. A Layout tool is most useful for this.