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Warning Message: Duplicates were found of "PublishToTableauServer\Publish"

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Hi All,


I've been running a workflow in Alteryx 2018.1 and publishing a data source to Tableau via the Tableau Server 1.0 tool. Today, I switched over to the Tableau Server 1.08.1 tool and when I run the workflow, I get this Warning message (screenshot below): Duplicates were found of "PublishToTableauServer\Publish to Tableau Server.yxmc".


Warning Message.JPG


The workflow still completes but I try to minimize/resolve warnings where possible. Does anyone have any idea how I can handle this warning?



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14 - Magnetar


When you "switched over" did you remove the old version of the tool?

This error usually comes from a macro/tool being installed twice or mapping a custom location that includes macros already installed.

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That's it. I did not remove the old version of the tool. Thank you!

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Having the exact same issue but, for the life of me, I am unable to locate the old one or figure out how to remove it.  

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@gene_denny - check the following locations:


C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins

Simply delete the unwanted version (entire directory).  If they're not there, it's likely that you installed them in a location of your choice at the time..