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Wanted to alternative solution of Imputation tool

9 - Comet

Hello All,


As we know that we use Imputation to replace a specified value within one or more numeric data fields with another specified value (like average, median, mode).


Lets say I have a single column containing 10 records, 5 are non null and 5 are null. Using Imputation tool I can produce a result replacing nulls and will display the avg of other 5 non null values.


I can achieve the same result with combination of other tools like mentioned below -




Will there be any shortest way to produce that same result? Need help.

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14 - Magnetar

Hi @EN6924,


You can't do something a lot quicker. I did a sample and just skip the formula part since you can escape this part, but I don't see many more improvement.


Hi @EN6924


Is there any particular reason why you're looking at other methodologies? Are the workflows you're using the imputation tool running more slowly?

As @Ladarthure suggested, using the formula tool could definitely yield improvements. Part of the reason for why this is, the Imputation tool is actually a macro with many underlying processes happening underneath the hood. You can actually see all of these by right-clicking on the imputation tool and "Open Macro". This is also why you might use a Formula tool over the Data Cleansing tool when you only need to make 1 or 2 replacements to the data. You might want to check out the article I attached, "Alteryx Tips and Tricks", which goes deeper into ways that you can optimise your workflows!




All the best,

Chris Clark
Alteryx Solutions Engineer

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No such specific reasons.


I was simply asked that during an interview, so I attempted solving it and wanted to know further.