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Want to take multiple csv file from folder to dynamic input


Hi All,


Let me share you scenario:


i have one folder in which have multiple csv file . From database i got directory path and using formula tool to find multiple file with pattern * then i need to concat.


now i want to used dynamic input to combine data.


does someone have solution please reply . Will be appreciate if you share workflow file.


Hi @nomeshwary 


I have built a macro that should make this much more straight forward.


There is an example in the zip folder on the post:

Dear joe,


i want to get multiple file of same naming convention using formula tool and then use dynamic input tool to read data from that all file


Hi @nomeshwary 


I think what you'll need to do is get to a list of data files that you want, in separate rows, and then input it into my macro.


Do you have an example that you can upload?