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Want to filter previous 14 days based on hire date


I've found quite a few relevant topics in the community, but none of them seem to be working. I have a 'Hire Date' that comes in from a .csv into Alteryx in the format 4/16/2007 (general formats to 31988 in Excel....days from 1900?). I want to filter out only records that go backwards from today 14 days, so people that were hired in the last 14 days. The DateTimeToday() function has a different date format YYYY-MM-DD, and when I try to convert it from Excel to Alteryx I can't seem to get it working.


It seems like this has been covered a few places, but for some reason it's not working for me. My 'Hire Date' comes in as a V_WString, and I've tried changing it to a Date, DateTime, and an Int before converting to Alteryx date format, which all give me errors.


As you noticed, Alteryx reads dates as "YYYY-MM-DD."


You can use the DateTime tool in the Parse category and convert from string to date and selecting the MM/dd/yyyy (4/16/2007).  When Alteryx reads a .csv file it creates all fields as "V_String."  Even if you change the format in your source csv to (2007-04-16), you'll have to add a select tool to convert it to a date.




Definitely worked exactly as you stated. Converted the string to date using the DateTime tool (thought I could do that in Select, but guess not), then created a new column DateDiff using DateTimeDiff() in a Formula tool and filtered that number <= 14.


Thanks BPurcell!!!!