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Waiting for file



I am struggling with (probably) a simple issue - at a certain point in my workflow I need to read data which might not exist at the moment but which should arrive and I want to wait for them.

I know that I need an interative macro but I am not sure how it should look like and how to include it into my workflow.
Here is what my macro might look like this:macro.JPG








In this example I am waiting for files c:\temp\Test.xlsx and i know that it is available as soon as the file Test.DONE exists.

Now what is missing is the iterative part and to embedd this into a workflow. 

Searching the Community I did not find an answer to this problem - maybe somebody can help me out.

Thanks a lot




Just to get some clarification here: are you waiting for the file to be placed in this directory by another application?

If so, what application puts the data there?

Are you wanting the contents of this file to trigger a process in Alteryx?


If I'm understanding this correctly, you might not even need a macro to iterate through a constant check for a file.  Alteryx can be called from the command line (and therefore triggered by other applications).


Let me clarify better my usecase:
I have a workflow which...

1.) creates a file with instructions and uploads it to an ftp-server

2.) once uploaded the file should wait for the DONE-file which is created by a different process

3.) as soon as the DONE-file is available gets the data-file and continues


So the answer is yes - the 2 files (DATA-file containing the data, DONE-file indicating that the DATA-file is available) are placed into a directory by a different application which is triggered with 1.) and gives as result the 2 files. I have no influence on that application and therefor need to handle it with the steps 1.) - 3.).





Was this ever resolved? I could really use something like this....


Well the solution in the end was not that difficult:
I created an iterative macro with 2 macro-output - F(ound) and N(ot found).

From my workflow I used only the F for continuing - N means to wait.
Here a screenshot - unfortunately I cannot add the workflow (it is very specific for our case):




Any chance you could provide the solution workflow? I am really bad with macros and have no idea where to even begin.


For example, what is your input? What is the cmd code used? Why not just use a directory tool to look for a file?


No worries if you can't provide it, I'll figure it out.


Attached please find the macro. As I said it is very specific for my case (the file I am waiting for is located on an ftp-server).


Really appreciate it!