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Version 2018.1 use of .xlsb performance questionable

Rather new to the community and Alteryx. Alteryx may have a goal to have us move to the new version in the next few months based on their fulfillment email (this is just what I understood, they did not specifically say that. they provided me with a legacy license that expires in a couple of months.) I was really excited by the latest version, support of .xlsb was attractive, but it is not turning out to be as cool as I expected. Note: 2018.1 is still pending my performance testing of workflows from 11.7. 


.xlsb in general

  • smaller file format
  • widely spread across the company
  • can handle excel vba macros which is great for my bp's
  • feedback from bp community, file management/use is easier. 

Alteryx .xlsb with the Access 2010 Drivers, well...

  • input of file is ok
    • call out is that data gets imported differently than xlsm (specifically dates)
    • data gets dropped off if Alteryx uses the incorrect data type at consumption, example: all values in first 1MM and 1K of text at the end, text gets replaced with null. 
  • output of file can be ok, but you have to tinker
  • input and output to .xlsb, just do not do it. slow...
  • data type issue: it appears with some formats, evident to me dates and int64 (credit to the community)
  • excel opens at the bottom of excel sample data set (a user asked me to switch back to .xlsm, due to this that shocked me)

There is not a lot of activity on the new version in relation to .xlsb, found post related to driver necessity and data type observation... specifically I have the following questions: 

  • Are you experiencing a similar observation with .xlsb?
  • Any fix / solution that anyone found to improve performance or behavior?
  • Is there a way to define the data type before input without customizing (general question)?

It would be AWESOME if the performance was similar to xlsm today in 11.7, but cannot seem to figure it out.

May have to abandon Alteryx .xlsb and continue with conversion outside of the tool. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Just out of curiosity, can you confirm that you are using the correct drivers? Specifically,


EDIT: I noticed you specifically mention the use of Alteryx with the 2010 Access Drivers...





Requested confirmation: Yes. 

Re-stimulating my post. Not familiar with Community etiquette so my apologies if this is not standard. 
I will proceed with contacting support as well. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Alteryx 2018.1 relies on the Microsoft Access Driver to write to XLSB. Unfortunately your requested functionality is not available via that driver. If you are interested in enhanced performance I strongly encourage you to submit your idea to us via Alteryx Product Ideas (