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Varied results from API using download tool

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I am trying to use the download tool to get the results of an API call. Everything seemed to be working fine, but I noticed some results were missing from one run. I did some further investigating and found the download tool gets different results from the API call every time it is run. My dataset should be slightly over 10k records but each time it runs it only returns a random subset i.e. 6,600 7,200 7,400 etc. I added a formula tool to check the length of the download data and it is indeed changing each time it is run, even though the API is not. The request only takes about a minute to run so I don't think it's related to timing out either.







Would you mind providing a link to the API documentation? The download tools should be just returning what is received from the API endpoint. Have you run the request through something like Postman to compare the results? This will help you to isolate if this is Alteryx download tool behavior or just a result of what the API is returning.