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Variable Use of List Boxes


Hello World!


I have a workflow that uses 6 list boxes generated by select statements from a table. Those go into Actions which update a filter IN statement and filter down (or not) the output.


Has anyone created a solution where the user can turn off or on list boxes?


For instance, a workflow contains filters for eye color, zip code and gender. In one use, she may want to filter on gender and eye color. In another use, she may want to filter just on zip code. Seems redundant to have to apply criteria to the output if not needed. (kind of like collapsing a container to turn those contents "off")


Seems like there could be an option to "turn on" a list box and apply criteria to that list. Otherwise, the list would remain "off" and not have any influence to the output.


Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this. 




Moses Perry

Inactive User
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Embed items in check boxes or use conditions.


Hmm. I am not that savvy on Alteryx yet so I don't understand the context for using check boxes or conditions but I'll read up on them.


Thanks for the suggestion.