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Variable Number of Drop Downs


Hey everyone,


In our organization (like most) we run into a challenging solution with different names for objects, in my case, facilities.  I've worked on getting fuzzy match to do most of the work but there are still some facilities that don't match (due to the match % being too low on matching that if I decrease my threshold facilities start matching to incorrect ones).  


What I'd like to do is take everything that fuzzy match does not resolve and prompt my user to input the correct values from our Masterlist of facilities.


I want to get a pop-up of a list of the unmatched facilities and then a drop down box next to each that would allow the user to input the value.  I've been able to get a list through the interface tools and drop downs, but the challenge I run into is that I'd like the number of drop downs to be equal to the number of mismatched items.  Is this possible?  Or is there a way to combine list/dropdowns together in an interface tool?


Any help would be great!


I've attached a very simplified version of kind of what I'm looking for with some comments explaining a bit.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

This isn't possible, remember Alteryx isn't a database entry system!


I'd consider outputting a mapping file which the user can add the correct values too the data which is then reinputted into the application.


One sheet would contain a list of values that aren't matching and the second sheet would contain a list of 'correct' values.


Hey Ben,


That's fair enough, ideally obviously all of our facility names would match.


I did end up using your idea below, although a slight variation of it.  I'll mark as an answer! 


Thanks a bunch.