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Vague Error Message: "There was an error running this app:error"

7 - Meteor


First: I use custom error messages in my workflows. However, since upgrading to V2019.1, my gallery users are getting unhelpful error messages like 


"There was an error running this app:error"


There's no tool id given. 


I get no errors when I run the workflow in designer. 


Ideas for why this might be happening?



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @gtaramasso,


Are you using chained apps? Usually this error appears sometimes on chained apps or if you are reading files from different servers.


Could it also be that this error appears only sometimes and not always when you run the app?


To better understand what is happening I would recommend you to look at the log files generated to better understand what is happening.



7 - Meteor


No, these are not chained apps, just regular analytic apps. 


Fortunately, these error messages have stopped. I am unaware of anything changing, so I suppose the cause will remain a mystery.