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8 - Asteroid


I am trying to recreate the excel function; VLOOKUP in Alteryx. The formula that I am trying to re-create looks like this: =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(G2,'FIS Matrix'!G:H,2,0)),0,(VLOOKUP(G2,'FIS Matrix'!G:H,2,0))) . However, this formula is written in a column that is not included in the formula (i.e. the formula references columns G and H, but is written in column M). 

The formula is searching for entries in column G in the tab FIS Matrix that match entries in column G of the current sheet and returning the value found in column H of FIS Matrix into column M of the current sheet. If the value is not found, "0" will be the return, instead of the #NA error. 

Is there anyway to recreate this in Alteryx? I have been using the Find and Replace tool, but this does not seem to have the option for me to return these found values to the correct column (column M). The Join tool also does not seem to do what I need.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

15 - Aurora

Hi @grsomer 


I think you need to break this down into multiple steps...


1. Do a find and replace appending values in col G from FIS Matrix in to your data stream.

2. Update this column (using a formula tool or data cleanse) to replace Nulls with 0

3. Move the values from your appended column to sit where ever you need it to