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VLOOKUP from Different Input Reports

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I am currently building my 3rd workflow and what I am finding is that they have all been different. For my current workflow I have 13 inputs and I'm trying to create one output. I'm using the total columns of data from a few reports - no issues there. The issues that I'm having that when I have to create a column and use if/when statements and VLookup options. Typically, I'm using VLookup (Y or N) from one of the reports. Should I use the Formula Tool and create a new column and manually enter a formula. If so, how do I complete a formula after creating a column when I need to VLookup data from one of the report's column. This  is a little difficult. Let me know if I should attached a sample workflow.

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Definitely attach a sample workflow or even a screenshot! It would also be useful for you to explain how the data needs to be transformed. 



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @lisamccullough


Thank you for your question to the Community! I moved your post to the Designer Discussions forum there you can ask anything technical about Designer. 


This article "Q&A: Where Do I Post My Questions?" should also help you out. 


Thank you @treepruner for helping him out! Awesome! 



Steph Vitale-Havreng
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17 - Castor

Hi @lisamccullough,


Join tool is a representation of the vlookup function. 


It is really simple to use but if you will need any guidance you can check this youtube video: