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Using the list box tool for multi-select on Alteryx App




I have an alteryx app that I published on the company gallery. One of the parameters I am using is selecting two time periods. In the past, I allowed users to select only one quarter, which gets tagged as [PQ] and another quarter, which gets tagged as [CQ]. Then these [PQ] and [CQ] fields are used in many formula tools later in the workflow.

Alteryx 1.JPG

Alteryx 2.JPG

The users of the app now want to be able to select multiple quarters instead of just one quarter for [PQ] and [CQ]. So I have the below formula for the Formula tool, but there is no output. [PQ] and [CQ] inputs are "-1", which doesn't make sense. 


Alteryx 3.JPGAlteryx 4.JPG


Is there a way to easily resolve this issue?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

What's happening is that you're asking if [Achievement Quarter] is one of those values and the "-1" is basically saying "no". I think you'll want to rewrite this as an IF statement to return the value of [Achievement Quarter]. Try something like this:


IF [Achievement Quarter] in ("20151","20152","20153") THEN [Achievement Quarter]



This formula for CQ will return the value of the [Achievement Quarter] if it's in the specified list and be null otherwise. 


Hi @CharlieS


Thank you for your response. If I use your approach (List Box Tool, Formula tool with your formula), then it looks like all the quarters get selected, regardless of the quarters I choose on the app input popup page. And I don't know if it is related, but some of the calculations later on in the app don't work. 


Would you know why that would be the case?




Alteryx 7.JPGAlteryx 6.JPG

Alteryx 5.JPG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I can't be sure why a calculation isn't working unless I see the calculation. Can your share your workflow+sample data? 


Hi @CharlieS


The workflow works now. Thank you for your help!