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Using the Multi-field Binning within different groups?

Alteryx Partner

Hi all,


Long-time listener, first-time caller here.  I'm trying to figure out a way to use the Multi-field binning tool but have each set of bins within a certain group.  I am trying to build a reusable, automatable workflow where the input is a list with hundreds of accounts (a varying number each time I run the workflow), and thousands of users (also varying each time) and their usage (also varying), and rank each user, within the context of their firm, as a high, medium, or low user based on their activity.


Here's an example of the data, sorted by firm and user alphabetically:




When I apply the Multi-field Binning, with 3 equal records, here are the results:


FirmUserUsageUsage Category I get using Multi-Field Binning, 3 equal records
GeneriCoLinda5011 - High
AcmeCathy1031 - High
AcmeEddie1011 - High
AcmeBill891 - High
AcmeGail722 - Med
AcmeLiam592 - Med
AcmeMonty372 - Med
GeneriCoCooper262 - Med
GeneriCoFred173 - Low
GeneriCoBlythe143 - Low
GeneriCoHarry103 - Low
GeneriCoWilma33 - Low



Basically, the tool is ranking all the usage, and then sorting in to three groups overall.  Here's what I need, where the ranking and sorting takes place within each firm:


FirmUserUsageUsage Category I need - binned within each firm
AcmeCathy1031 - High
AcmeEddie1011 - High
AcmeBill892 - Med
AcmeGail722 - Med
AcmeLiam593 - Low
AcmeMonty373 - Low
GeneriCoLinda5011 - High
GeneriCoCooper261 - High
GeneriCoFred172 - Med
GeneriCoBlythe142 - Med
GeneriCoHarry103 - Low
GeneriCoWilma33 - Low


The change can best be seen with GeneriCo employees.  In the first sort, Cooper is ranked in the Medium group, but in the second sort, he's ranked in High.  Fred and Bylthe both are first ranked Low, but in the context of GeneriCo, they are Medium users.


I can't figure out how to do this.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks in advance, all you clever people.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I'd use the Tile Tool, have you tried that? With the Tile Tool, you can group by a determined Field (in this case, Firm)




You could even use the Smart Tile option to get a better result (I don't know if it fits what you're trying to achieve).

WF appended.



Alteryx Partner

Hi Thableaus,


You are one of the clever people!  Thank you.  Your solution worked.  The only change I made was to add a Sort (by Firm, and then by Usage, descending) before the Equal Records tile.  I was getting some incorrect results due to the random order of my actual input.


The Smart Tile would work for someone who wants usage automatically categorized into buckets based on usage.  In my case, I need three equal-sized segments.


I've updated the solution and added it.


Your help much appreciated!