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Using summarize function

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Dear all,


I  want to have how many orders in each time for example at 9:00 Pm 15 orders and so on from this input file attached, Then I want to have in each district name how many order at each time.



Any help in that please?


Note that the file contains three sheets I want to have in one output.


Thanks in advance for your kind support. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Feras95p, the attached workflow should help you with what you are looking to achieve.


The Input tool reads the list of excel tabs from your file and then passes them through a Macro to bring in the data. It will automatically union the data as long as the column naming convention in the individual tabs are the same (this includes the bank spaces between two words). The column order number across the three tabs in your file was inconsistent, so please adjust them and give it a go with this workflow.


I hope this helped. 



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Thank you!