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Using drop down/list boxs to populate other drop downs/list boxes


Hi all. I'm hoping this is fairly simple to do - although it is escaping me!


What I am trying to do is build an app that will present a set of options for an end user to select, based on what they have already entered.


For example, list box/drop down box 1 is bring back a Year Number from our data warehouse (I use the "Input Data Source Template" option of the drop down box  to retrieve the values, using some SQL code to create the "NAME" and "VALUE" fields - i.e. Select Year_Number as "NAME", Year_Number as "VALUE" from calendar_table....).


For Drop down box two, I want the relevant period numbers brought back - select Year_Period_Number from calendar_table where Year_Number = 'value from drop down 1'.


Then Drop down box three, i want the relevant calendar dates - select Calendar_Date from calendar_table where year_period_number = 'value from drop down 2'.


I'm sure it is possible - i'd rather have it in one single app if possible, purely from trying to keep it more simple (for me!).


I've looked in the knowledge base, and Google, but I cannot seem to find anything specifically to do what I am trying.


Thanks in advance,


Alteryx Certified Partner

Think you need a chained app: Interactive Lessons - Chaining Analytic Apps


Hey Joe, 


What you are describing seems like it might best be solved with the concept of "Chained Apps" in Alteryx. In this scenario your first workflow would essentially generate option files for your second workflow. There are several articles on the community for this topic.


Please see below for a sample alternative using a Dim_Datetime macro I built. You have to run it first to populate, but it gives you an idea how to do it in a single workflow. Its not a true "relevant" values scenario because it is all in a single workflow.


Hope these help you with issue or show you some new ideas.




Thank you all for the suggestions. 


I'll go with the chained app approach as suggested - my reluctance to do so is that I create these workflows for colleagues to use, via the Alteryx Gallery. My business is large, and so there isn't a single shared location for saved files. 


This causes problems in creating files in a workflow that others can see. My rather inelegant solution is to 

a) build the workflow, saving any output files to my local laptop

b) Export the workflow to a packaged workflow

c) close the original workflow, then open the packaged one

d) this seems to embed any saved outputs in the app - I then save this unpackaged app to the Gallery.


Would be great to understand if there is a better way, but realise I am hijacking my own thread



Thank you for this alternative - very helpful. One question if I may - is the ph value simply an arbitrary value, used to allow the cross tab further down the flow?


Many thanks again. 


Yes exactly. I use ph to represent 'placeholder' often in crosstab usage, then immediately drop field after. In this particular case, if you want the actual distinct values in the field to populate the dropdown and not just the field name itself, cross tab is best option.


Thank you sir, I have managed to do what I wanted to do using your sample. 

And thanks to everyone else for their valuable input - i now have two solutions in my Alteryx arsenal!


Thanks again everybody .