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Using date field as target variable in linear regression


Hello, I would like to use a date field "date complete" as the target variable in my linear regression. It looks like I can't. Any suggestions on what I can do to be able to use the date field as the target variable?



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @irmb,


Linear regression wants to predict, basically, a floating point number.  Assuming your training data has both a "DateStarted" and a "DateCompleted," then you can easily calculate a "HowLongToComplete" as the date difference between the two, which you can express as a floating point number (measured however you wish: seconds, days, hours, whatever gives the best predictions). Then use that as your target variable.  Once you have it, you just add it to any proposed "DateStarted" to get the predicted "DateComplete."


Hope that helps!



@JohnJPS Thanks, that makes total sense and something that I thought about. We don't have the date started data, unfortunately.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

That's unfortunate. Not knowing the data, I can only make guesses.  Can you calculate a StartDate?  e.g. for some process type, is there a completion timestamp such that we may assume some sort of continuous processing (in which case the start date is the same as the most recent completion data from another row... (in which case, sorting and MultiRow formula would allow you to calculate the StartDate (and some sort of "TimeToProcess") very easily?  If not that, any kind of logic to give you a "TimeToProcess"?