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Using batch macro to extra data from server and filter on dates

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Dear All, 


I urgently need some help on creating a macro. I want to extract data from AWS S3. The data is too large to stream out at once due to Athena's buffer stream limitation. Therefore, I tried to create a macro that change the duration and loop through the period we are interested in. 


I tried to change the date range in the query with a formula, however, the input In-DB tool is not taking the query as I've changed the date to string. I tried to use the todate formula to change the data type of the date, however, result returns null. Does anyone has any idea how can I change the date range in the query in a macro? Thank you so much in advance! 








17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @zkel 


Can you post the configuration of your two Action Tools?


Also, try debugging the SQL strings that comes out of the formula to ensure that they're properly formatted.  To make it work, temporarily disable the In-DB tools by adding them to a container and disable the container.  Add a new Macro Output that returns the SQL strings to the main WF and inspect them there.