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Using an Excel on Sharepoing 365




I've been going through the forums and I tried different solutions provided here, but I couldn't manage to successfully connect Alteryx to our company's SharePoint. What I get is lists, but I am unable to get the actual documents I want from the Documents folder.


sharepoint config.jpg


The URL for the actual file is -- if I copy and paste this into Chrome, it downloads fine.


  • SharePoint List Input tool is not giving me views of the documents and files in the project folder
  • Passing the direct UNC (\\\sites\ProjectA\Shared%20Documents\Documents\File.xlsx) into the Input Tool gives me persmission errors since naturally there is no login information passed
  • Passing the URL in a Text Input Tool to a Download Tool, where I can put in the username and password, gives me a 403 Forbidden error
  • Copying the link generated by SharePoint and passing it to the Download Tool works but gives me a corrupt excel file

Any suggestions on how to get this to work? 



From your screenshot, it looks like you're able to successfully connect.  If the list drop down box is populated, then a connection was established to SPO.  That being said, the Alteryx SharePoint connector does not support download/uploading/modifying files in SharePoint, it is only used to read and write lists in SharePoint... the SharePoint document list doesn't even query file names.


I'm mostly leaving this comment so I can see if someone else chimes in with a suggestion.  I'm currently pulling files from SharePoint Online using a PowerShell script that I have wrapped in an Alteryx macro, but I would like to have an alternative as the UNC solution doesn't seem to work as elegantly for SharePoint Online.






The PowerShell script in an Alteryx macro seems like a good workaround. I am new to Alteryx so I will go on reading on macros and how to run scripts with them. 


You're right though -- there needs to be a more elegant solution. It seems to be a pain point across the forums. At the moment I am looking for alternatives such as changing the process to have the files read to and dumped into databases, but ideally I'd like to avoid having a process just for moving files around. 


@adm510 - do you happen to have this powershell script wrapped in an alteryx macro and would you be willing to share? I'm attempting to push a csv file to sharepoint once a week automatically using server and am not having any luck. Sound like your script might be the winning ticket...



Alteryx Partner

@adm510 - Can you please share the powershell script? I'm facing a similar issue with trying to schedule a process to download files from sharepoint site. The main issue is in the authentication of the site and not being able to automate this in a non-interactive logon session. Thanks in advance for your help!