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Using an App to Update Multiple Records


I have a set of data which includes a series of scheduled events.  Each record has a generic description of the individual event, such as Meeting or Luncheon.  I would like to develop an app which allows a user to change each records description via a series Text Box interface tools.  This, in essence, would override the description data from the source report.  If the original data is unchanged, I would like to keep it as it appears from the source report.  I have limited experience working with Alteryx Apps and need a nudge in the right direction.  So far I haven't been able to figure this one out.


Source Report Snapshot:



Desired Outcome (with highlighted changes):



It's a little tricky to update multiple records at once.  If you were to require the user to update one at a time, then you can create a dropdown where they select the record they want to update and then enter a new description.  If you really need to update multiples in a single go, I'd suggest putting a free-text box and giving FIRM instructions on how to enter data - at this point the user can enter as many ID's as they want, and you can use Alteryx to parse out the ID's and the new descriptions.


In that attached I've given an example of how both would work.  Take a look and see if it makes sense.  Note that when you run it as an app you get prompted for both apps, as they're in the same workflow.  To see how they work/look independently, enable/disable the tool containers.


Thanks for the assistance.  The "one at a time" solution will probably work the best for my situation.  I'm playing with this method now to see if it will accomplish all my requirements.


As for your attachment, I kept running into a strange little string field error.  I ended up having to update Action tool 17 to account for the new description column.  




I think I didn't have it configured correctly.  Should be:



Is there another way to create the dropdown list besides the Cross Tab tool?  If the EventID field has any special characters in it, such as @, /, or |, the Cross Tab tool replaces them with underscores.


Unfortunately the Dropdown tool always takes the values from the field names.  To get around the special character issue, I'd suggest something like this:


In the Formula tool, we're creating an extra field with the EventID.  Then in the Cross Tab, we use one EventID as the column names, and one as field values.  The column names end up with special characters replaced, but the field values still have them.  In the Dynamic Rename tool, we then select to use the first row of data as new column names, and we get the special characters to come through.  A lengthier work-around then I'd like, but it gets the job done.


Yes, that does get the job done.  Thank you.