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Using action to update the URL of a sharepoint input or output


I have a situation where I need to import several sharepoint lists using a batch macro and a master list to automatically configure the URL and ListName. Issues when trying to auto configure the URL.


My customer maintains a master list of list URLs in the format of and in that same list they maintain the ListName. 


I'm ingesting this configuration and feeding it to a batch macro that is taking the input of the ListName as a control parameter and using an action to swap out the List value in the SharePointInput tool. It works great. 


Now I've a requirement whereas these lists may be on different sites, and/or different levels in the hierarchy and the base URL may change. No problem I think. I use regex to properly parse out the base URL. That works well. 


I then use a control parameter and action to change the URL in the SharePointInput tool. When I do this I'm getting an error with this text. "Error encountered: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". 

I've verified this has the same error no matter when using the output or input tool with SharePoint. 

I've verified all the strings by outputting them to outputs for verification that they are correct. If I manually use those strings to setup a one-off import from SharePoint they work fine. 


Would it be possible for someone else to validate they are seeing the same behavior? If you are able to get it to work successfully could you share how you configured the batch macro? 





  • overall workflow
  • Simple Text input with two columns. URL and Listname. 
  • Feeds into a batch macro


batch macro

  • Two control parameters URL and ListName
  • use those to configure a SharePoint input replacing the appropriate fields
  • just have the sharepoint input save the lists to a csv file for the sake of this test.