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Using a template powerpoint


 Hi all,


I'm looking for a solution to use my own template powerpoint (which has several slides).

First problem was to import it in alteryx. Thanks to zip file and xml format, it's ok.

Next, in this template I have to update some element values (via the formula tool, it's ok also).

My problem now is to insert in my template powerpoint (in page 3 for example) a map created In the alteryx flow. I don't know how to do that ? If somebody has a solution, many thanks in advance !!!

Other questions : do you think it's possible to update a graph created in this template ?


Attached is an example of ppt template


Many thanks

Best regards



My suggestion would be to not do it this way.


What you have done is impressive, but if you spend a little bit of time with the tools in the reporting palette, you'd be able to build your slides with the report map, table and charting tools and the render tool to turn it into a powerpoint deck. Then you'll have full control over the layout and have no dependency on the template.




I have to +1 on what @DavidP said - your approach is impressive through brute force, but its a bit more square peg in round hole. The better option is to go about it how David said - there will be a learning curve, but its a much more smooth fit for what you're looking to accomplish.


Thank you for your reply !

I understand your point of view. As I'm beginner in alteryx, I thought it was easier to prepare the template in powerpoint and insert the extra element produced in alteryx. I go to follow your advice...

Best regards



Here is something to get you started. Let me know if you have any questions.


Once you have some data and a better idea how you want the last slide to look, I'd be happy to help with that.


@ZacharyM, the one thing  I can't figure out is why the chart is not getting rendered in the pptx output even though you can see it in the browse tool - any ideas?




Thank you a lot David, it's a good beginning. I try to adapt it to my case and I share you my project then.


If I change the order of objects in the final layout tool so that the chart is plotted first, it works ok, but as soon as I move it down the list, the chart is not plotted.


Very strange indeed! I can't explain why, or how to fix it.


I look forward to seeing your progress @sandrine1

Hello David,

I wish you an happy new year :) I hope you're well !!
I'm still working on my ppt template and I would like to show my workflow.
In the attached link, you will find the ppt file that I would like to
obtain. I have some difficulties to create slide page 4. I would like to
have your advices on it....Thank you in advance !!

Best regards

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Hi Sandrine,


Happy new year to you too!


Did you create the 1st three slides with Alteryx? 


Do you have some sample data you can send me for slide 4 or even an excel mock-up so that I can try to replicate it?


je n'arrive pas à vous contacter. Je voulais vous envoyer mon dernier workflow. Les bases sont dans le lien