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Using a macro to update a value in Google Sheet Input


Hello there, hoping someone can assist. 


I'm attempting to create a macro which will process the end user's data input according to requirements specified in a google sheet. I have the processing part of the macro functioning, however, I'm having trouble updating the value of the Google spreadsheet (NOT the sheet/tab name but the name of the Google Sheet). I'm not given an error, but the macro will only reference the requirements in the default spreadsheet. Below is a screenshot of my workflow. Any ideas? 






Hello KS,


I believe that the issue is due to Google having multiple parameters that correspond to a Google Sheets Workbook. There is both a Workbook ID and a Workbook name that need to be updated simultaneously.


Google Sheet.PNG


Thank you so much! Adding an action to update the workbook ID fixed the issue I was seeing. However, now I'm encountering another issue. Each time I re-point this macro to a different Google Sheet, there is a CrossTab tool which looses it's configuration and as a result is causing the macro to error out. Is this an issue commonly seen in macros/is there a solution? The data being run through this tool is different each time, but follows the same format (same set of standardized fields). 


The crosstab tool unfortunately does not take in dynamic or unknown fields the way many other tools do. You can potentially get around this by doing a dynamic rename to whichever fields you bring in from google sheets so that the fields will always have the same names going into the crosstab.