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Using a SharePoint List as a source - question about DOS scripts and Tableau integration




So I have a requirement to provide a report to a team via Tableau, sourcing the data from a SharePoint list, and they want the entire revision history included in the report as well.


The requirement does not warrant building a whole .Net and/or JavaScript app.


Using a DOS script, I execute a PowerShell script to pull all the report info from SharePoint.


Then I use Alteryx to convert the XML into a CSV file and publish it directly to the Tableau server using the "Publish to Tableau Server" tool.


I currently have my Alteryx Workflow set up with Events enabled, and to run my DOS script before the workflow is executed, and it works great.




I am going to need to set the workflow up on the company gallery - how/where do I put the script on the gallery server so that the workflow can access and run it when the workflow is run from the gallery? or will the user(s) have to have a local copy of the script on their machines?


Is it possible to "embed" the script into the workflow so that a separate .bat file is no longer needed?


Is it possible to run the workflow automatically by Tableau whenever the report is generated/refreshed?




Hey @JDelgado!


Some suggestions for your questions in order:


1.  I wouldn't put it on the server.  I would put it in a network folder that can be accessed by the server.  Just make sure your reference to it in the workflow is using the UNC path.


2.  Not that I have ever heard of, but someone else might have. @MarqueeCrew - I get the feeling you would know if this is possible.  Any ideas?


3.  When you say "by Tableau", do you mean that the Tableau server would initiate the workflow running on the Alteryx server?


1 - good point. Thanks. That makes more sense.


2 - I hope so! Lets see what @MarqueeCrew says about it.


3 - Yes, I am hoping that Tableau has reciprocated the good will of Alteryx (with the Publish to Tableau tool) by providing a way for Tableau to execute an Alteryx workflow as part of the report retrieve/refresh process.



I found some discussions that referenced using an Alteryx data connector for Tableau:


This looks like it might provide the functionality I am looking for; I will research it now but if anyone can provide any info about it, I would be greatly appreciative.