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Using XML To Dynamically Update Selected Columns

Hey there!


So I'm trying to build out a Macro right now and I'm running into a bit of difficulty. What I'm trying to accomplish is creating a Macro that updates the columns selected in a "Unique" Tool based on one of the two macro inputs. I'm having some trouble with the Action Tool, specificially in that it does not recognize the XML that I created with a Formula Tool. 


This is an example of one of the XML inputs: <Field field="EXAMPLE" />


What I want is for that XML Input to update the column selected in my Unique Tool. 


Has anyone run into this issue before and have a solution?XML.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @cmccann51 


I'd love to see a your actual workflow (macro) actually to see how you're doing this.


Could you provide a sample of it?




Hi @cmccann51 


I believe the issue is that you're connecting the macro input to the action tool. When you build the formula in the action tool, the fields from the input tool aren't available. When you use for example a drop down instead, you get the result of that as an incoming variable to be used in your action tool. Despite the macro input connecting to it, it doesn't really work and only works when the top Q is white, like on the drop down tool.


macro input.PNG 

macro connect.PNG


Regardless of this, there's probably a way to get to what you're trying to do. Best would be to share the workflow.


Kind regards