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Using Summary results as criteria in a later Filter or Formula




Is it possible to use the result of a Summary as the criteria in a later part of the workflow?


For example I have a Summary which give me the count of ID Codes from my data. So more than 1 ID code


I want to then use these ID Codes in a filter, to split other data into two groups, one that has ANY of the ID Codes in a specific column, and then the ones that dont.


It might not be possible , im not sure.


I suppose I could write the Summary output to a file, then read that file in and it could then be specified as a critera in a formula, but I wondered if there's a more direct way,


Hope i've explained that well enough.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





Its just a join!


Join the Summary to my Data, on the column, and the Matching results will only be the ones that contain the entries in the Summary count.


So, er....nvm!