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Using Max date and filtering to max fiscal quarter MINUS 1 to ensure a complete quarter?

8 - Asteroid

Hi All, 


I have a function that filters records by max date, which i calculate using the summary tool on fiscal quarter (ex: 2021 Q3, 😞


[Snapshot Fiscal Quarter]=[Max_Snapshot Fiscal Quarter]


I am running into issues where the max year/quarter is in the current quarter, which may be incomplete still, so i would like to filter to "max-1", to ensure I have the most recent closed quarter. 


How can I write this filter, given my date format above? Ideally, so it doesnt break as we roll into new years down the line. 

15 - Aurora

Hi @Dan5,


Just group the records by Quarters and pick the second one. Append this to the data and you will be able to use it as a filter




8 - Asteroid

thanks, nice solution!