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Using In-database tools with Azure SQL Server


I have a Azure SQL Server Database and I'm trying to use Alteryx's new In-database tools.  Unfortunately, I've run into a problem.  It appears that the in-Database Stream-In tool relies upon creating a Global Temp Table.  Global Temp Tables, however, are not supported in Azure SQL Server.  Is there a known workaround that will enable me to use the In-database tools with Azure SQL Server.  

Does anyone have any experience using Azure SQL server.  


Hi there. Are you using the new Azure data warehousing service or a regular, run of the mill SQL server? 


I'm just using Azure SQL Server.  I've found a workaround to get my data into Azure.

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I'm not aware of 'Azure SQL Server'. Are you talking about 'Azure SQL Database' as referenced here : ?

This database is close to SQL Server but not quite the same and consequently not supported by Alteryx at this time. We're looking into it for a future release of Alteryx.










Thanks for the reply.  I've been using Azure SQL Database with Alteryx for the last two month.  I found a suitable workaround for my initial question and have been having been enjoying good performance with it an Alteryx ever since.  I updated to Alteryx 10.0 last week, so far so good.  This weekend, I ran into an error that I'm currently working with client services to determine if its a user (likely), database or Alteryx 10 issue.   I will post what I learn.





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Hi Jim,


if you are streaming data out, you need to set the creation mode to "Create new table" and specify a table name such as "temp1"

This will create a table in the database for the connection you have open. Treat this like a staging table. You can then reuse this table next time you run the workflow with the "Overwrite table (Drop)" you can them connect to write Data in DB.