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Using Dynamic Input for .csv file but receiving "too many fields in record" error

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I have a large workflow with multiple inputs to consolidate and one of those inputs is a .csv file.  I'm bringing in using a  directory but I'm getting the "too many fields in record" error when I try to import the sheet.  Is there a solution that will allow me to use this same flow but remove the delimiter issue?  Workflow attached.


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Here is a sample of the csv as well

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Hi @clramsey5045 


You can try importing the data using no delimiter (enter /0 in the delimters option) which brings the file in as one column, and then parsing the data out manually using text to columns.


However you may need to investigate the underlying issue as to what is causing the error message - there is an excellent post on it here that may be of use :)

Hi @clramsey5045 , are you trying to bring in a mix of files (excel and csv) from the directory? Unfortunately I can't see what the macro is doing in your workflow. In Designer if you click on Options -> Export workflow, it will export your workflow as a packaged file which will include the macro. Alternatively, you could also just attach the macro in this thread like you did with the data. 


@clramsey5045  - Without seeing the macro I can only guess, but check your macro's Output Mode.  This can be found in the Interface Designer window.  If you don't already have it open, you can find it under View / Interface Designer.  To find the Output Mode, go to Properties (the wheel/cog icon).  You'll probably want you Output Mode set to 'Auto Configure by Name' or Auto Configure by Position'.  I've attached a workflow with several samples of bringing in files dynamically.  The container labeled '7. Even More Dynamic . . .' may have a macro similar to what you're trying to accomplish.  If this does not help, please attach your macro so we can see it, thanks!