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Using Conditional IF THEN ELSE Statement to +1 or -1 to another number




I am wondering if it is possible to use conditional statements to add or subtract 1 to a set of values based off of another set of values. E.g. I have created a check figure row in Alteryx that either shows -1, +1, or 0 on a number of items. For items with the check figure -1 I need it add 1 to another set of values, for items with +1 I need it to subtract 1 from that set of values, and if 0 to simply be the number from that list of values. Is this possible?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Michaelovermyer 


Yes, totally


EDIT: You don't need an IF/ELSE Statement


something like that I think it would work:


[Set of Values] - [Figure]


Worked perfectly, I was making it too complicated myself, thanks for the help!!