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Using Command Prompt to Run Alteryx Workflow


If you send me a private message, I can share my email and I can walk you through what I did. My office does not like us to post code online. 




I am just following up on your comment about sharing your python code to help in replacing the command prompt.


The code doesn't have to be extensive in terms of detail so feel free to hide sensitive information. I want to give it a look and play with it. I will reach out if I have questions, sounds good?


Here is my email: andres.cruz[at]


Thank you for your help!


Hi, can you please direct me on how to use Python with Alteryx and Tableau? Currently, we manually open the Alteryx Designer and run workflows. For Tableau, we work with Tableau API using javascript. It would be really nice to learn from your experience how to programmatically run the whole process (from Alteryx workflows to Tableau refresh extracts) with Python. Thanks