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Using Command Prompt to Run Alteryx Workflow

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I am testing out the possibility of using the Command Prompt to run my Alteryx workflows


My first hurdle is to get it to actually run. Every time I run the simple code of "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe" MyWorkflow.yxmd I get the following error.


 Can someone help in explaining the Error - Alteryx Engine: Can't red the file "TESTWORKFLOW.yxmd". It appears that my computer recognizes Alteryx and runs it but then the file doesn't run. I have attached the simple test workflow as well.


It's not clear from the screenshot you attached, but are you calling the workflow using a fully qualified path? i.e., something like this - from the Alteryx\bin folder, running AlteryxEngineCmd.exe and then...


AlteryxEngineCmd.exe "C:\MyWorkflowFolder\TESTWORKFLOW.yxmd"



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when using the command tool, you should always use a absolute path rather than relative path.


Please use the complete path of the file


C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe


or you can provide the working directory and then provide the workflow name



7 - Meteor

Below is the information:

C:\Users\MYUSERID\Desktop\Automation Files\TESTS




FYI: I am trying to run the workflow directly in the Command Prompt and not in Alteryx Command tool, but if you find it easier to use the tool then I'll give your process a shot.




In your case, try wrapping that whole directory, including the workflow name in quotation marks and try running your command again - such as - 


AlteryxEngineCmd.exe "C:\Users\MYUSERID\Desktop\Automation Files\TESTS\TESTWORKFLOW.yxmd"


Also worth looking into what @Bharatandalam mentioned via the Run Command dialog.


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@BrianR  I tried your suggestion and now got the following error: Error - Alteryx Engine: The Feature "API or FlowChartMode" is not a licensed.


Based on that message does that mean the Command Tool will not work as well correct?


My recommendation is to contact your account representative for more information - if you don't have the contact info, I can track that down for you, just send me a PM.

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Most probable reasoning is that your license is expired.

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Have you considered using Python? Using Python + pyautogui, will give you a lot more control in comparison to command prompt. I'm using Python to refresh Alteryx, Tableau Prep, and Tableau. I also use python to pull down flat files into a shared drive where Alteryx can find them, filter Tableau workbooks and transform them into edible PowerPoint files.  

7 - Meteor

I appreciate everyone's help. I will reach out to my Alteryx contact to see if I am able to upgrade my licence. 


@DrewDavis Python is my next challenge. Do you mind sharing some of your code for running Alteryx?


Thank you!