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Using CloudMade as Basemap - Long load times

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Community,


We have a buch of workflows (Apps,modules) using map tools that up until now have been using CloudMade (since it's been the best international maps we've got access to).


However, the last 48 or so hours, load times have escalated heavily on this. We've tried other suppliers (that are not as detailed) and they work in an instant. 

We're talking multiple of 10 in timedifference here.


Has anyone else noticed this or could it be just us that are affected?


Does anyone have any insight on where the map-data is stored (locally as well as on what servers/companies), i.e. should we start poking CloudMade themselves or does the software fetch data from Alteryx-servers?


Any insight would be appreciated!




Hi @Niekka


CloudMade is a third-party reference or base map dataset powered by CloudMade services using the OpenStreetMap project.


If the speeds are slow this maybe due to network speed, as well as traffic on the cloudmade servers. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you @JordanB, 

I was asking about this to see if others had the same issue, thus deducting the issue to being with the suppliers (who, I assume from your answer, is CloudMade themselves, Alterys does not provide the map data as a middlehand)


If anyone else are experiencing this issue, please let us know,