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Using Application Listbox Fields Dynamically in Formulas




I am trying to select relevant fields from app, which I am able to achieve by using listbox. I am trying to figure out if there's a way to get Alteryx to dynamically read in these fields as fields to be used for calculation.


For example:


1. From the Listbox tool, months July and August fields are selected as the fields with actual amounts for each month.

2. Is there a way to dynamically summarize using the fields selected from the Listbox, use these fields in formulas, such as subtracting July data from August data, etc? So that the only input the user will have to put in are the specific month fields, then the rest of the calculations are done using those selected fields. 


You will want to leverage chained analytic apps as discussed here:

The general idea is the output from the first app is used to populate the list box in the second.

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction! 


One question I still have is: Let's say I need to use July's data and August's data, which were selected from the user input for the prior month's and this month's dollar amounts. In order to calculate this, I think I will need to do something in effect of [Aug]- [Jul], but I'm unable to figure out how these fields could be dynamically updated in the workflow based on the input alone. So that the fields can be updated to various months that the user selects and these fields will automatically get populated in the formulas for calculations?  Let me know if I'm not fully grasping this.


Thank you!

It is tough to say without seeing the workflow in front of me, but I would work on a process that standardizes the column names to maybe “month 1” and “month 2” or something similar so that then formula tools can work on static column names.

I am thinking maybe using the dynamic rename tool would work for you for this step.