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Using Alteryx with JDA for Planograms


Perfect - I will use the XML export to read into Alteryx.  Thanks for the help!


Hi @PaulStark - I have the .psa files converted to xml, but I keep running into issues in the XML parse tool.  The specific issue that I'm running into is that I'm not sure how to get Alteryx to parse out the different sections of the xml (e.g. Product attributes, Store attributes, & Position attributes).  The product & position attributes are the most important to me - do you have any thoughts or a sample workflow I could use to get these pieces parsed out?





Hi @emitch024 - We had another member of our team build the Workflow we use to parse out the data using the RegEx Tool. Here is how they built the Macro. (If you have the XML tool reading the data into the workflow you might be able to skip this step.)



After they read the xml data into Alteryx with the Macro, it then feeds into a set of filters to isolate the lines in the xml that you are looking for to work.




Hope that helps!


Hi @PaulStark - thanks for the screenshots! I ended up taking a slightly different approach using the XML Parse tool (below).




Using the XML Parse tools sequentially lets you parse out different parts of the file, which is what your team member was doing with the filters.  Essentially you look for the 'Specific Child Name' of "Shelf", "Product", or "Position" and it will return all of the child values (or attributes) you are looking for. 

Thanks for the collaboration here!