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Using Alteryx with JDA for Planograms


   I did a quick search and I didn't find any posts concerning JDA or Planograms in the community. I am new to Alteryx and see some potential to help streamline our use of JDA. The problem being JDA software is less than friendly when trying to use with other programs. I was wondering if there was anyone else out here who has Alteryx and JDA so we could colaborate and learn from eachother.

Thank you,


I'm looking for the same thing.


Hi Paul - I am looking to implement the same with JDA. Have you made any progress or given it any thought since your last post?


We have JDA's CKB.  Alteryx has enabled us to make some great tools to automate much of our planogram work, since CKB is in a SQL database.  


   No updates on integrating the two yet. I have talked a bit with 


Hi Paul - 


   When you're leveraging Space Automation Pro, how are you exporting the files to then input into Alteryx? When we export POGs as .psa files, Alteryx isn't sure how to read them and I seem to be able to get close (through trying to convert to delimited text files) but can't quite get Alteryx to tabularize the data.  Can SA export as an .xml so it can be parsed by Alteryx?


   Any help would be appreciated! 




Hi eliberatore - 


   Does this mean you are connecting Alteryx directly to the CKB SQL database?


That is correct.  Because it's connected to CKB we can update product, position, performance, fixture and planogram records as well as create new objects on planograms such as floating shelves.


Space Automation is faster than doing something manually but using a system like Alteryx to read/write into planograms in a database is insanely faster.  For instance, a SA script to add a floating shelf to 1,000 planograms would take approximately an hour or more since it has to open, edit and save each planogram from your desktop.  In CKB you can get Alteryx to write 1,000 records into CKB's fixture table in under half a second then open the planograms and the fixtures are there.  I am currently attempting to create a workflow app that will insert positions on specific shelves based on user input from an Excel sheet.


CKB is expensive but we would never dream of going back to flat files due to these capabilities.  The time savings have more than paid for it and Alteryx.


That sounds awesome and like it would pay for itself in no time.  I'll look into that option as well.  We currently don't have CKB but I'm going to check on pricing to see what the options are.


In the meantime, do you know how I could get Alteryx to read the .psa files? 

I haven't gotten Alteryx to directly read .psa files, but if you don't have Automation then you can use the JDA Planogram Converter to change the file type over to XML and read the file directly that way. CKB was cost prohibitive for our department, but we have been able to leverage Automation to get data out, then back into JDA after working with the data through Alteryx. It gives you another option if CKB is out of reach.