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Using Alteryx to perform 'human' actions in other tools?

Hi Alteryx users,


I'm not sure how to explain this well, but I'm looking into the possibility of using Alteryx to perform certain actions in other applications. By this I mean that through Alteryx I would open a web page (a Salesforce application to be more precise), navigate to a certain form, complete the form with information I extract from a local database, submit the form, proceed to another tool that is also managed through a web page and perform some final actions such as uploading a file etc. Basically automating a repetitive process.


I'm not talking about actually interfacing with the other applications but using them as any 'human' end user would. Is this possible in Alteryx and if so, to what extend?


If it's not possible, do you know of any other tools that might help me?


Appreciate any feedback!


Kind regards,


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

It's a really difficult use-case to pass comments on; Yes it could be possible but it depends how the system operates and authenticates. The download tool allows you to 'GET' data, but also 'POST' data; a good example of this is the Tableau Server Rest API where you can authenticate and create workbooks/datasources/projects/users on the server.


BUT; it can be really complex.


Perhaps people with more advice would be able to tell you if this is possible specifcially with SalesForce, because that is something I cannot comment on.


Does SalesForce have a documented API that allows you to do these tasks? If not they may have an 'undocumented' API beneath there websites which you could replicate but there is some legality issues with that.



Hi Ben,


Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely look into the Download tool.


I was thinking more in the direction of an AI-like approach though, where a tool could recognize fields on a web page after I log in with my credentials and complete the fields or perform other tasks such as clicking a submit button. I'm all for efficiency :-)!


I'm sure Alteryx was not set up with this in mind and maybe there are other tools out there that would suit this need better, but I thought it was worth looking into.


I'm happy to hear your (or anyone else's) thoughts on this.

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply!


Best regards,