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Using Alteryx to open multiple excel files in a directory and printing them to pdf

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i have around 300 excel files in a single folder. They all follow the same format except, naming convention, where the data is placed on the excel etc. but each file is specific to a customer and therefore shows different data.


What i want to do is to use alteryx to go into a directory and create a pdf version of each excel using the print parameters in the workbook and create 300 PDFs which i can then mail to each customer.


What is the best way of doing this? is this even possible thorugh Alteryx?


Any advice would be massively appreciated





You can use a directory tool to import the file/sheet name for each individual files.


From there, you can use what is called a batch macro to iterate through each file. The batch macro can import the file, use the reporting tools to create your PDF format, and then a render tool to output to PDF.


Hope that helps!