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Using Alteryx to Scrape NFL Data

6 - Meteoroid

I recently discovered nflscrapR, an R package that allows you to pull play by play data for NFL football games. As an extreme beginner to R, I haven't successfully found instructions on how to get started with leveraging this rich dataset. However, I know Alteryx! And I know that Alteryx has a lot of capabilities with R. Has anyone used Alteryx with the nflscrapR package successfully? I have tried to install the package according to the instructions on nflscrapR's GitHub:




# Must install the devtools package

# Then can install using the devtools package from:
devtools::install_github(repo = "maksimhorowitz/nflscrapR")



When I run this, I get this error: 

Error: R (1): Error: (converted from warning) packages 'plyr', 'Rcpp' are in use and will not be installed 

I'm assuming this is because I already have the 'plyr' and 'Rcpp' packages installed. How do you get around this and start scraping?


Also, I'm generally interested in using Alteryx for Fantasy Football. I built some workflows this year using ESPN's Fantasy Football API to automatically pull information for my leagues. It made running an office league much easier! Would be glad to share some templates if anyone is interested.

Alteryx Partner

Oh man! This looks sweet! I would absolutely love to see what you got so far. Did you try the other installation path on this? 


# or the following (these are the exact same packages):
devtools::install_github(repo = "ryurko/nflscrapR")

Documentation says they are exactly the same