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Using Alteryx for text document analysis




I would like to know if Alteryx can find a sentence with a keyword in it from a .txt file and somehow return that sentence to me? I know this might be a long shot but it would be SO HELPFUL when analyzing regulatory documents. 


The key words I would like to use are: shall, may, may not, should, should not, must, can, cannot


Thank you in advance! 


hi @krobot0915


Was thinking that if the sentences have periods (.), use that as a delimiter to split by rows with the text-to-column tool, so that each sentence would be have its own row. Then with the filter tool, use the contains expression to find the keywords. If you post the dataset, I'd be happy to take a look.


Hi CarlDi, 


Thank you so much. Here is the dataset that has been converted from a pdf to a .txt file. Please let me know if you have any trouble with the dataset. 


Hi @krobot0915


Thanks for providing that. There's many ways to address this in Alteryx. My approach is similar to my initial reply. See attached. Hope that helps!


Hi @CarlDi, 


I really appreciate your help. However, I have been unable to open your file, is there a special way I should be opening it? It seems like your alteryx version is newer than mine and I am trying to download the newest version in order to open your file but it doesnt seem to be working. Would you mind walking me through the steps you took or providing the workflow?


Thank you very much!


Maybe this screenshot will help, I also attached the workflow in a yxmd file format. Be mindful of the Input data tool configuration - make sure the delimiter is \n and ensure field length is sufficient or it will truncate your sentences.





Hope that helps!




Thank you very much for your help! This works perfectly!