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User Cancelled error Issue



         I am new to Alteryx Designer and was wondering if there has any new development for fixing this problem. As of right now I am not able to change any of my security settings. Also is there any relationship between this problem and Alteryx lagging?


One thing we found to be contributing to this issue, is workflows that have enabled browse tools. I would disable all browse tools and see if that helps solve your issue. 


I wanted to follow up on this. We found that licensing issues caused this for us. We were running into this problem during our transition from designer/scheduler to server as we had two different workers setup but really only had a license for one. We scaled back to one and the problem has been resolved.  

Hi Lisa,


Could you please share the exact details what need to be done to get the issue fixed.


We are currently using 11.5 version and facing the same issue.


Thank you 

Srikanth Dayyala