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Use variable to generate data




Please see my example attached. I need to generate some sample data for simulation purposes.

With the multi row tool ID's are added to the data (see comment in workflow), this is bases on a fixed number of rows, the next step is to group them

I need the number of row's to be variable. Let's say between 1 and 10. 


Is there any way to do that?





Something like the attached?  Each time this is run, it will produce a random number from 1 to 10, and the grouping will be based on that value.


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In a Formula tool I used the RandInt( function to produce a random group size, then generated rows for each group. This is highly likely to produce a list of group assignments larger than the records, but I just used a position-based Join to used the necessary group assignments back to the original.


Solution attached.

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EDIT: Removed.


Thanks @CharlieS, nice solution think this can do the trick.


Thanks @Quasar, but i needed the individual groups to be variable from size.


Ah, I gotcha.  I thought you were saying a random size of group, but each group the same size.


For the sake of giving multiple options, so here's another solution to go along with @CharlieS's.  Wanted to see if I could get it all in a single stream :)

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Very nice solution, @danrh