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Use field as an option in the attachment section of a Email tool

I just got out of the Advanced reporting session at the Alteryx inspire convention. Preety cool stuff. I just have a request for the alteryx developers team. Can you please add the option to select a report coming from a Render tool directly as an attachment without having to write it out first?
Just select it as a field the same way you can select a field as the body of the email. That'll make my workflow more streamlined and save space, as I'm sure it'll do for a lot of fulks out there.
Alteryx Certified Partner

That sound like a great suggestion, so I would recommend that you check and post this at Alteryx Promote Ideas, which is made for that purpose.


Here the rest of us, have the option to vote on your idea, and surprisingly enough - Ideas with many votes are actually being picked up by the development team.



@Verakso actually I found a similar place to submit my idea and posted there. Maybe you can vote for it if you're interested in my idea:
Alteryx Certified Partner

Yeah, you are absolutely right, my bad, it was late at and was to eager to reply, so I throw in the link for Alteryx Promote and not the Alteryx Designer 😊


Well found, and surely has voted for your idea 👍